11 Oct 2023

Our biggest update yet! 🎉

Semantic layer support

Create, edit and manage dimensions, measures and identifiers to ensure complete data integrity when querying your data.

Set up metrics and dimensions once and use them across all your queries.

Google Analytics data

New overview section

View all your queries in one place through data journeys, we’ve added tag support to filter threads by area.

Improved error system

Save and reuse your favourite prompts

Smartly suggested questions

12 Aug 2023

Keep track of your query processing status

05 Jul 2023

Self-installation of Findly to Slack

23 Jun 2023

Disable tables from SQL generation

19 May 2023

Audit section to keep track of query changes

16 May 2023

Support for PostgreSQL and MySQL

16 May 2023

Feedback section to report issues and suggest improvements