Creating an account

The first step to improving your data access with Findly is to create an account.

Create your account

Create an account to get started with Findly

Connect your data source

Connect your data first to get started.

To connect to a database other than Google Analytics you will need an enterprise plan.
Contact sales

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Create your semantic layer

If your data comes from Google Analytics you don’t need to create a semantic layer

After connecting your data to Findly, you can set up your semantic layer. This layer is necessary when using data from a database, as it allows you to clearly define your metrics, measures and dimensions to ensure complete data integrity when using Findly.

To do that enter the Catalog section in the dashboard.

How to set up a semantic layer

To learn more about setting up a semantic layer click here

Create your first query

  • Using the dashboard

  • Using Slack

Enter the “Assistant” section in the dashboard

Write your question

It will take you to the “Data requests page where you can see the status of your query”