Resolving Access Issues

Step 1

If you encounter a message that a third-party app is blocked in Google Analytics, don’t worry. This is often due to company settings.

Step 2

To resolve this, you need to add the app to your list of trusted apps. This action must be performed by your Google Workspace account Administrator.

Step 3

As an Administrator, navigate to your Google Workspace settings to control third-party and internal app access.

  • Click on “Configure new app” and select “OAuth App Name Or Client ID”.

Step 4

Enter the Client ID of the Findly app which is: and then click on “Search”.

Step 5

Select in the scope.

Step 6

Choose “Trusted: can access all Google services” as the option and then configure.

Step 7

After configuring, return to Google Analytics or the concerned application and refresh the page. The app should now be accessible.

If you are still having trouble with connecting your Google Analytics account leave us a message here and we will help you out.